Oh hey.:3
I hunt the devious beast known as Markiplier mostly, but I'll be happy to hunt you too....Unless, that is,..you want to help me out.....

I have been slipping in and out of Marks’ Twitch stream page and must take issue with a recurring complaint….
There are people saying all too frequently “Well he’s uploaded two videos today but not bothered coming here”…..
If anyone saw the state he was in at the end of yesterdays issue-riddled stream, they would be grateful and somewhat impressed that he bothered or even managed to do any uploading or updating at all today….
And he does it all for you….
….Not good enough?  Consider why he should feel obliged to put his health at risk just to dance for you….. That is correct; He shouldn’t. He goes out of his way often enough for his fans, do not ever make out that all he does is not good enough…it is above and beyond the call as it is…

May he be back in fighting form soon and get however much downtime he needs…..
….and maybe get a sandwich more often….

…….and gimmie my gawddamn notes back….

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    If this man ever streamed from my house, I’d make his fine ass a 6 coarse meal. I’m really damn greatful to know this...
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